Happy Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is tomorrow but I’ve already received all my gifts. Shame on me!

My daughter arrived last night from Reno, NV with grandkids. Oh my, they grow so fast. You can imagine my surprise when they arrived with warm brownies; after all it’s a four-hour drive. She confessed, they actually kept them on the heater vent the entire trip to keep them warm. How funny and sweet. The oldest (the 4-year-old) was very excited to hand me my gift, which we all shared after dinner.

This year my husband made sure I got everything I wanted for Mother’s Day – he had me order them myself.

First to arrive was my new . I have been trying to find one for going on two-years. While I love it, the watch is shiny, elegant and easy to read. I must confess it’s about half the diameter that I was expecting. When will I learn to read the description closer? (Case Diameter: 1 1/16")

Anne of Green Gables - 5-disc collection

I am such a fan of Anne of Green Gables that I receive regular updates from Sullivan Entertainment and I was simply thrilled to find the is out. Not only did they include two-new documentaries, but also included was lost footage, missing scenes and my favorite, The Missing Episode, “Marilla Cuthbert’s Death,” which I was especially interested in watching.

I must say after staying up last night to watch it, it wasn’t anything like what I was expecting and I personally feel Kevin Sullivan, the producer made the right choice in excluding it from the final cut. I felt it detracted from the rest of the story, even though it cleared up several questions the movie failed to address. Still, I enjoyed watching it.

I am certain this collection will get as much use, if not more than my set of VHS tapes that I’ve all but worn out over the years. I especially enjoyed learning more about Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Today we’ll turn on the bubble machine, watch the kids play and get lots of pictures. It’s so wonderful to have the grandkids come to visit and so nice to see them go afterwards. I’m already looking forward to the rest.

I think all Mother’s are special and Homeschooling Mothers are the best of all.

What does your perfect Mother’s Day look like? How will you spend your special day?

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Tell Me Again!

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Top 10 Reasons To Homeschool

My eleven year old is; well, he’s eleven and he acts like the typical eleven-year-old. I remind him each day to brush his teeth and he manages to act like it’s the first time he’s ever been asked to brush them in his life.

Does that dumbfounded look come standard on all eleven-year-olds? You would think it would be impossible to look perfectly shocked each and every time.

For example, just this evening, I had asked if the clothes in the dryer were dry. He checked them and I got his standard reply, "they are still a little damp." So, I decided to bite and told him to run them for a few minutes and then please take them out and fold them.

Three hours later, I went to move the clothes from the washing machine, into the dryer. The dryer was of course, otherwise occupied.

When I inquired as to my previous request. I was told, "I forgot." His customary reply. So, when he started removing the clothes from the dryer, as he’s putting them in the basket, he asks, "Are these all mine?" He had the nerve to look surprised, astounded really. Well, hello – who else’s would they be?

Later that evening, as I walked past the bathroom, he indignantly called out, "why did you finish all the toilet paper on the roll and not replace it?" I looked at him stone-faced and said, "I forgot."

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Safe at Home

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Top 10 Reasons To Homeschool Another Chapter

Several months ago Diane Flynn Keith was shared her list of reasons to homeschool in an article entitled, "Top 10 Reasons To Homeschool — Move Over, David Letterman!" Her list contained very practical reasons why homeschooled children fair better than their public schooled counterparts.

Top 10 Reasons To Homeschool

After reading an article published in today’s World Net Daily edition, it is obvious to me that missing from her list was, "Safely out of harm of teacher predators." The WND article, "The big list: Female teachers with students," lists over 125 cases of teachers charged with assault, abuse and sexual impropriety against students – in just the last four calendar years, from 2004-2008.

Because I follow educational news pretty closely, I was fully aware of most of these cases, but even I had no idea just how pervasive this type of activity has become and it seems no one is safe. These teachers are from urban and rural schools, both large and small, with incidents taking place from coast to coast.

However, if you were thinking this is something new, you’d be wrong. Even as a young junior high school student, I can recall a teacher (his name escapes me) who taught health and sex education classes. He was married and everyone in his class knew he was having an affair with one of his 8th grade students. Too bad the school admistrators weren’t aware or didn’t want to know about the illicit and illegal affair.

His class was an integrated male/female class that I found so offensive and degrading that I started feeling ill each day I was forced to attend. Sex was a huge joke and the lessons weren’t fit for mixed adult company, let alone teaching a mixed classroom of junior high school students and that was back in 1972. Things have only gotten worse since then.

Parents who are sending their children to public schools these days must either have their heads buried in the sand and are ignorant of what takes place in and out of the classroom or they still believe that things like this only happen to other people’s children.

When reading reports like this one, I just thank the good Lord that my child is safe at home where he belongs.

Just one more reason to homeschool!

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