Helen Hegener…Is She Ruining Homeschooling?

Posted by Annie on Sep 2, 2011 in Education

Just exactly what does Mimi know about homeschooling?

Absolutely nothing! She operates an online school and gets paid from public education dollars.

Mimi writes…

Is Unschooling as Described by Helen Hegener Child Neglect?

Many people have wondered if unschooling is a form of parental abdication of responsibilities. Could it even be child neglect? Many unschoolers believe their children will learn “everything they need to know” from real life, without curriculum, textbooks, guidance and rules. This is a recipe for disaster in many Christian homeschoolers minds because they know that their children inherited a sinful nature and therefore need training and instruction and discipline in order to grow.

She likes to bash Unschoolers but Mimi hasn’t even bothered to check out the facts on the topic. So, why would she bash Helen for writing material, she claims hasn’t been researched — then she turns around and does the same thing.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Maybe Mimi is trying to ruin homeschooling by suing Helen, so that she can put more of our tax dollars in her own bank account.

IF Mimi is a Christian — I’m certain God isn’t finished with her yet.

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Fun Idea: Ice Skating

Posted by Annie on Aug 19, 2011 in Activity, California, Seasonal

If you have plans to be in the Los Angeles area this winter, take a little detour and check out the W Hotel. What a terrific idea for a special field trip idea. A little on the pricey side but wouldn’t this be the perfect place to hold a graduation gathering?


Big Sur, California

Big Sur, California

With a new look and new feel, grab your skates and take a spin on the coolest ice rink in Los Angeles.

For the third year in a row, W Los Angeles – Westwood will transform its world-renowned WET pool deck into a spectacular winter getaway complete with a hybrid ice skating rink and a rink-side lounge decked in whimsical and enchanting  décor. Set amidst lush gardens and fragrant flora, W Los Angeles – Westwood becomes the magnificent setting for another beautiful winter season, perfect for first dates, family celebrations and holiday parties. Guests can feel the cold tingle of California’s crisp winter air, listen to LA’s hottest music while gliding around “CHILL”, Los Angeles’ coolest location for winter fun.

W Los Angeles – Westwood will once again bring an unforgettable holiday experience to locals and hotel guests alike in a fun surrounding. This year, CHILL guests will enter a world of luxury with distinguished design elements at every corner from unique textiles with geometric design patterns to classic and opulent decorative pieces. Guests will feel they’ve traveled the world as each cabana is outfitted with a playful and elegant mix of lavish and modern décor by Z Gallerie; from chic mirrors to white deer heads and handmade rugs to modern textiles. The 1,600 square foot custom shaped hybrid-ice rink, styled by Chad Hudson Events, will also be set amidst a backdrop of bright lights, fanciful candlelit votives and snowfall every hour. While admiring the skaters, guests can snuggle up in a rink-side cabana while enjoying delectable comfort foods and specialty cocktails from The Ice Bar.

“Not only does the ice rink offer an exciting activity, it represents the latest in our ongoing efforts to provide a welcoming atmosphere and enhance our guests’ experience. What better way to enjoy California’s winter nights with a spin on a rink”, Ren Hirose, General Manager at W Los Angeles

More exciting new surprises are in store for this season, including the new skate-up E-WOW cabana, special performances by BH Skating Cabaret Theater on Saturdays at 6PM, featured bar serving winter cocktails such as Sugar & Spice + Everything Nice or BY’s Secret Nog, a children’s design station for holiday gingerbread cookie decorating and more. The Backyard’s “Ice Bar”, managed by Choice Hospitality Group, will offer winter bites from Executive Chef Dakota Weiss, such as winter squash chowder with spiced maple syrup; venison sliders with smoked juniper berries; sugarplum tarts; and vanilla bean baked apples with peanut butter crème anglais.

W Los Angeles – Westwood is also offering an “Ice Skate, You Skate, We All Skate” room package. Complete with a Wonderful Room, two tickets to CHILL plus a private cabana, two delicious winter cocktails and Bliss’ Super Minty Soap & Scrub.  The “Ice Skate, You Skate, We All Skate” package starts at $299 and is exclusive to W Los Angeles – Westwood. [Click for details]


CHILL is open November 18, 2011 through January 2, 2012, every Monday through Friday (3pm- 10pm) and Saturday and Sunday (10am- 10pm). Children’s design station is available on Saturday and Sunday from 11AM to 1PM and is free with a purchase of an adult admission ticket. Cost is $10 per guest for a full hour of skating which includes skate rentals. Guests can bring their own skates as well and reservations are not required. CHILL is the winner of AH&LA Stars of the Industry Award 2011. [Get more information]

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Break The Cycle of Shrinking Family Time

Posted by Annie on Jul 28, 2011 in Activity, Parenting

Evangelical Pastor Offers Lessons Taught by His Dad

Best Family Game - Settlers of CatanSan Antonio evangelical preacher Matthew Hagee’s new release Response Able: What my father taught me about life and making a difference (Charisma Media) offers the insights of a lifetime on parenting, self-reliance and affecting societal change. The key to any significant transformation, according to Hagee, is a refusal of the sense of entitlement often associated with Gen-Y and Millennials.

Instead, Hagee argues that readers should embrace self-reliance and acknowledge the individual’s God-given ability to respond in a positive manner, regardless of the circumstances.

“One of the most valuable lessons my father taught me was to focus on what I can do, rather than what I cannot,” says Hagee. “If your life is on a course that you would indeed like to change, you can change it. No matter what.”

With some parents working two jobs or both parents working more than 40 hours a week, Hagee wants to help parents break the cycle of shrinking family time in America. To do this, he has issued a provocative challenge to the parents in his flock. He calls it the 707 Challenge and, beginning this month, he wants parents to sign up for the 707 Campaign that requires moms and dads to commit to spending at least seventy minutes per day with their children, seven days a week, for seventy days.

“The time has come for this generation to take responsibility for tomorrow,” says Hagee, “and the response begins with you.”

Hagee’s book offers faith-based insight and guidance on initiating powerful change in personal, social, financial, educational and political arenas. Hagee bases his premise on a conviction that principle should be the compass by which to guide one’s life, and not passion.

“Principles are powerful,” says Hagee. “They will make men out of boys and instill a foundation in future generations that cannot be shaken.”

Other foundational concepts offered in the book include:

• Responsible people submit to authority, namely God
• Declare war on the status quo
• Invest in others, primarily children
• Patience rewarded
• Gratitude
• The joy of giving

And many more concepts chiseled into his character by his father’s loving guidance. For more information on this remarkable man and his new book, visit: www.response-ablethebook.org — get a free digital copy of the first chapter.

Matthew Hagee, the son of global evangelist John Hagee, serves as Executive Pastor of the 20-thousand member Cornerstone Church founded by his father in San Antonio, Texas. The elder Hagee launched the church more than three decades ago, growing it into one of the most influential and charismatic Christian communities in the country.

The companion TV ministry now reaches almost 100 million homes in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa and New Zealand. Matthew Hagee, the heir-apparent to the church and TV ministry, uses many lessons taught by his father as the framework of Response Able.

Part of Matthew Hagee’s rich legacy from his father John, included practical wisdom rooted in Christian principles. As Pastor of a large church in Texas, Matthew now applies this wisdom in a challenge to his congregation to responsibly change a disturbing trend in our country today – the shrinking window of family time at home. In his latest book, Response Able, Hagee offers workable solutions for five key areas that he believes are all connected, and encourages us to make the necessary changes in order to bring about a lasting transformation in our lives and the lives of loved ones.

 Additional Information

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