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Posted by Annie on Oct 28, 2006 in Education |

I have a 13-year-old daughter who has struggled with school since the time she started and now as she gets older, it is getting worse for her.

I have decided to homeschool her, even though I work full-time. I am hoping that my daughter will feel better about herself and that I will feel better too. Her emotional state is so fragile and I am at my wits end with our local school.

I do need help finding an area of people who could help me find outside activities for her and maybe help me get her to some activities that homeschooled children attend. I do not want her to miss out on doing the things that all the other children do and feel left out.

I want her to succeed like my other children have done. Could you please give me some pointers on how to find some local people in my area? We are going to use e-cot on line homeschooling.

Thank you,
Newbie in Ohio

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  • Annette M. Hall says:

    Have you connected with any of the groups in your area?If you contact Ohio Home Educators Network, they may know of homeschoolers near you who might be willing to trade off childcare responsibilities. Since your daughter is thirteen and able to be home alone, while you work but that is not the ideal situation. Why not consider checking into volunteer opportunities in your area. She could volunteer at the library,hospital, legislators office, nursing home, etc…Volunteer positions can lead to regular employment, look nice on a employment resumes, are wonderful learning opportunites and can provide your daughter with somewonderful contacts that she might not otherwise make.She might also be able to help out another local homeschooling mom. I wouldn’t have her commit full-time to any one thing but perhaps one day a week. You can also have her pair up with someone and spend the day touring local museums, the zoo and other places where she can gather information and ponder her surroundings. Don’t be afraid to be creative, take advantage of the local homeschooling community, trade off duties with other single parents. Perhaps she is ready to start her own business? Learn a new skill. Take a college course eitheron campus or online. You are only limited by your imagination and herwillingness to try new things.It’s ok to let her have some down time. School can be very stressful. Many parents allow the their newly homeschooled children to take a full month off of school for every year they attended the public school system as a way tounwind and learn to think for themselves again. Don’t push her on academics right out of the gate, give your daughter some time to explore her surroundings and get her bearings.Do keep in touch. I’m certain others will have some very good advice for you as well.Best wishes to you and Happy Homeschooling.~Annette

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