MI: Vote for Homeschool Freedom

Posted by Annie on Nov 2, 2006 in Education |

Maureen Whittmann reports that Michigan Candidate, Mark Meadows has vowed to restrict homeschooling for all Michigan homeschoolers.

“There’s no restriction on who can home school their kids, so it makes it much easier for families who are abusive to keep the child at home,” Meadows said.

The article continues:

“By law, teachers are required to file a report when they suspect that a child is being abused. Tightening up home schooling laws would keep kids in the public eye, which might result in more cases of child abuse being reported before it’s too late,” Meadows said.

Former East Lansing Mayor Mark Meadows is predicted to win in his bid for the 69th District House seat. His opponent, John Knowles is rock solid pro-life, pro-family, and, yes, pro-homeschooling.

Maureen adds, “The election is only six days away. A win by Mark Meadows could translate into the loss of freedoms by homeschoolers. Michigan used to be THE most difficult state in which to homeschool. A lot of people worked hard and sacrificed so that people like me could educate my children in the way that I, as their parent, know is best for them. Let’s not turn back the clock.”

Get the facts! Read Maureen Whittmann to read the rest of the story.

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