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Posted by Annie on May 28, 2007 in California |

Do you have teenagers? (Or almost teens.) Are you quaking in your boots wondering if you have any clue what you are doing, all while attempting to appear as if you do? – After all what would my mother-in-law say about this? – Then you are not alone. It’s not as if the kids came with instructions. Once a teenager enters your home, life is never the same and the road ahead can get bumpy and hazardous to your health.

Way back when the yungins were still home, I would often check out the teenagers in our church. When I found a child that emulated the traits I wanted for my own children, I would corner the parents and ask them for their secret. It seems too ridiculous, recalling it now. It was as if I were asking for a cake recipe. Like any parent could give instructions for raising a successful child (what is the meaning of success?) in ten minutes or less.

"Just boil it all down to the finer points so that I don’t screw up my children too badly".

Face it folks, some kids are easier than others and we all know it. Each little bundle of joy comes complete with their own little personality and one size does not fit all. Fortunately, you don’t have to try to pick your friends brains or guess your way through the teen years. You aren’t forced to go it alone any more. You can listen and talk with real-live, flesh and blood, teen experts. This line up is first-rate – one you can’t afford to miss.

Author, Editor and Homeschool Guru, Diane Flynn Keith is hosting,

"The Homeschool Your Teen Seminar."

For Parents Who Are or Will Be Homeschooling A Teen
Now or In The Future!

Saturday, June 23rd
9:00 a.m unti 5:00 p.m.,
Redwood City, California

Experience a full day of resources and information focused on these keys to homeschooling your teen, that will save you money, time, and insure a smooth transition from homeschooling through the high school years to college, career, and beyond:

  • How to document homeschooling, and create transcripts.
  • How to prepare for and take the CHSPE (non CA residents can take this test too!)
  • How to select online and correspondence high schools.
  • Concurrent Enrollment programs at community colleges.
  • How homeschoolers can gain admission to 4-year colleges and universities (including early admission) at both the freshman and transfer levels.
  • How to continue on the unschool path by finding appropriate alternatives to formal higher education.
  • "The Prom" and other teen socialization issues.
  • Community resources available for teens including volunteer and job opportunities.
  • Q&A with a homeschool graduate.

We are already 40% SOLD OUT!

And tickets have only been on sale for 5 days! We did not expect this kind of immediate response. Deeply discounted Early Bird Registration is available — register online by May 31st and save $22.00!!! Grab your spot now!

To Register:

Homefires’ Homeschool Your Teen Seminar

Keep the homefires burning,
Diane Flynn Keith
Editor of Homefires &amp Author of Carschooling

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