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Sullivan Entertainment offers free movie library

I wrote about the 20th Anniversary Five-Disc Collector’s Edition of Anne of Green Gables for Mother’s Day. I was so excited I spent all day Monday watching it. I called my mom last night and talked about it with her for a while. I was so surprised when she asked me to order her a copy of the DVD as well.

So, I spent some time today price checking and was so excited to find an entire section on Sullivan Entertainment containing a free Movie Library (scroll down the page), where you will find (among other things) 39 complete episodes of Anne-The Animated Series. The site includes several other series that I personally have never heard of, including: Gus & Felicity: An Enduring Friendship, Jasper & Olivia’s Secret Romance, Grace Bailey’s Terms of Endearment, as well as episodes of Super Rupert.

While I have not checked them all out yet, knowing Sullivan’s reputation for bringing family friendly movies to the screen, I would be very surprised to find anything among these with inappropriate content.

I will note that the video window is quite small and I didn’t find a way to enlarge it but for those who don’t mind, this is a wonderful source of free entertainment, not to mention a chance to watch the shows before deciding to purchase them.

If you take the time to check them out, please let me know what you think of the offerings.


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  • Shawn K. Hall says:

    Unfortunately, because of the huge difference in the movies and the cartoon, I think you’ll find that the cartoons don’t meet your satisfaction.The cartoon Zach and I watched had this little magic dwarf or something in it (which seemed to be their way of making it child-friendly) and Anne was a little less flighty and a lot more “barbarian”. We turned it off after a few minutes and watched something less ridiculous – Stargate. 😉

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