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Posted by Annie on Jul 10, 2008 in California |

Do you ever wonder where journalists get their information?

Many homeschoolers in California are still concerned over the legality of homeschooling in California and have been waiting somewhat impatiently for a ruling from the Second District Court of Appeals in Los Angeles.

In an article published in the Union Democrat, July 10, 2008, "Homeschool parents await judges’ decision," reporter Lacey Peterson reported that:

"The court’s decision has no bearing on students who attend charter schools or programs like the Home School Academy in Murphys, which runs out of the Vallecito Union School District. However, it could affect parents of homeschoolers."

Obviously, Ms. Peterson didn’t bother to do her homework or to actually read the court documents, as most of homeschooling moms have, because this statement simply is not true.

The children involved in this case were enrolled in an ISP. The judge who ruled in the case made it very clear that the children were to be taught by a credentialed teacher, not by the child’s mother. Even children, who are enrolled in one of the hundreds of state-sanctioned charter schools, are traditionally taught at home by a parent; not under the constant supervision of a credentialed teacher. With this in mind, I can’t fathom why this reporter would think that the decision wouldn’t affect charter school members.

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