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Exploring the Deserts of the Earth!

I have spent the majority of the past two days watching, “Exploring the Deserts of the Earth”. The images captured on film are simply breathtaking. What it lacks in content, it more than makes up for in human-interest stories and factoids.

The series spends a great deal of time exploring the African and European deserts and very little on deserts in the Americas. This would make sense if they assumed that most American’s have explored their own continent, which of course we haven’t all had that opportunity.

I find it more than a little humorous that these people chose a motorcycle as their primary mode of travel, as they travel through the desert. I did not realize there were so many types of deserts and such extraordinary terrain.

This DVD is perfect for the entire family to sit and enjoy together. Episode 10 does display the native women in their natural state, but who says you have to watch that episode? Most Christians will also dispute his claims of certain timeframes — for example — a certain [insert event] happened 25-million-years-ago.

About Exploring the Deserts of the Earth

Two ambitious filmmakers (Michael Martin, a photographer, and Elke Wallner, a filmmaker) document their travels on film as they attempt to cross all of the world’s deserts on a motorbike in only 900 days — not your typical nature documentary. After starting off in Munich, they head first to the Arabian deserts, then to Asia, Australia and over South and North America and finally to Africa, documenting not only their adventures and experiences but each country’s unique culture along the way.

Countries visited include: Afghanistan, Algeria, Australia, Bolivia, Botswana, Chad, Chile, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Jordan, Mali, Mauritania, Mongolia, Namibia, Niger, Oman, Peru, Qatar, Tibet, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, United States, Uzbekistan, Yemen

Episode Guide:

  1. Bedouins, Seas of Sand and Treasures from a 1,001 Nights
  2. Deserts of Salt – Craters of Fire – Wild Camels
  3. The Ancient Buried Cities and Holy Lakes of Alashan
  4. 100,000 Camels and 3,000 Rats
  5. The Cold, The Dust and The Mines
  6. The Red Heart of Australia
  7. Salt Lakes – Volcanoes – Geysers
  8. Llamas, Seals and Buried Cultures
  9. ‘Highway to Heaven’
  10. An African Adventure: Nomads and a Bubbling Volcano
  11. The Sahara – Queen of Deserts
  12. Of Rebels, Crocodiles and Smugglers
    • Local Camel herds are marketed
    • Explore the Central Sahara Desert
    • Crocodiles live in the desert too
    • A creative way to fix a flat tire in the desert

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