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Posted by Annie on Mar 29, 2009 in Activity |

Hi all!, I guess you’ve probably noticed there hasn’t been much going on here recently. There’s a reason for that. (There usually is.)

My back has decided to take a vacation, so instead of being on my computer roughly 18-hours a day, I’ve cut back to only two or three. Trust me I’m having withdrawals. 🙂

I was sitting here thinking about it and I’d like to turn lemons into lemonade. (Not that I would drink the stuff but my son just loves the stuff.) LocalHS gets pretty decent traffic, it’s not setting the world on fire but I’m pleased with it, especially considering the fact that I don’t have nearly enough hours to work on it.

I’ve had plans for greatly improve this site in the works for a year or two now. The trouble is, I’m creative but my husband creates. Without him, I’m toast. But that’s a story for another day.

I’ll get to the point.

I know homeschoolers are big time bloggers. Just between you and me, this is not my thing. I like controversy, not only for the sake of a good arguement but more to get those creative juices flowing. I like to dig in and discover things I didn’t know and pick other peoples brains.

Really, I’m getting to the point…

I’d like to open up this blog to you. You can write about your homeschooling day. Shamelessly promote your own blog, so long as you provide content with it. Maybe you’d like to share about a recent field trip or brag about how smart little Bufford is.

If I can’t write often enough to keep this blog alive, maybe you can help me out and help your own blogging audience, homeschool program or organization grow. I’ll still be trying to post at least once a month, so that leaves 29 more days to fill.

Any takers?

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  • Annette M. Hall says:

    Thanks for the posts! I love hearding about all the new exciting things that are happening for homeschoolers. Just a quick update. My back is slowly on the mend. I’m still trying to take it easy. But, wouldn’t you know it, my husband decided to finally work on a project I’ve wanted done for two-years, which is very labor intensive.Are you curious? :)Some of you may know already that is a sister site to My dear husband has finally managed to update the site, so that all of my links are database driven, which of course means that I now get to go through and check all the links, enter descriptions, age ranges, etc…It’s a big job but I’ve been working through it a little at a time. I have my neice and my daughter-in-law helping me out. So, please be kind, if you check out the site and find an error, do let me know. You’ll be helping out lots of fellow homeschoolers.I am so excited about the project I can hardly contain myself.Please continue to send in your blog posts. I really appreciate the help and learning about new projects of others.Isn’t homeschooling wonderful?Hey, on a side note… anyone sending their children to camp over the summer months? I’d love to hear about where and all the details.

  • Annette M. Hall says:

    Dear Deparately Searching!,It’s never too late to turn things around – well at least until our children are out of the house. It’s hard to give good advice with very little information but the struggle you describe is not unique.Your son needs a break, a long one. Learning shouldn’t be a fight and forcing someone to learn just never works.You and your son will need to get to know each other all over again. It is important that you listen to him. He’s in 9th grade, which means he is not a child any longer. He has ideas of his own that are not being heard. It will take time to earn his trust back but you need to begin to work on your relationship with him — first and foremost.Make it a point to talk to your son regularly and really listen to him.I would recommend trying to find something that interests him and get him volunteering somewhere over the summer months. It’s hard to dwell on your own problems when you are working to solve someone elses. Get him focused as quickly as you can on things outside of his own little world.I’ll give you one more thing to think about that might disturb you. 🙂 It wasn’t that long ago that a young man your sons age would be preparing for marriage and raising a family. It was not uncommon for men to marry at age 13 or 14. Society, especially schools have a way of trying to keep our young men, children. This is wrong.If you can afford to send your son to a survival, wilderness camp, or any other type of camp that will help him to grow as a man, he might find it helpful.It’s time to let him grow up. I wish you all the best.~Annette

  • Anonymous says:

    We have tried everything to encourage our son to do well in school, from taken away all privileges to making him sit in his room alone!! 🙁 Since the 5th grade he has slowly gone down hill with his school work and is currently failing. Do you think it is too late to begin homeschooling in the 9th grade! I’m really praying for answers because I want him to be sucessful I can see his frustration and he is giving up…I fear if he does not get some encouragment and start feeling good about him self..I don’t know where it will lead! Sincerely, Deparately Searching!

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