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Posted by Annie on Apr 22, 2009 in Activity |
Georgia Homeschool Science Program!

Hello, I am a certified George science teacher for grades 4-12 and have been teaching for over 12 years.

However, the state of things in the public and even the private sector, have really become very depressing. Last year, I decided to resign and reevaluate how I was going to proceed in my profession.

During this year I have been tutoring, some students have been homeschoolers, and while I usually meet at the public library I have noticed a huge volume of homeschooled children in my area. So, for the past few weeks I have begun designing a science program specifically for the homeschool population (perhaps even adding algebra and geometry).

The program I’m designing exceeds the Georgia State standards and is a hands-on, experiential-based program that blends the concepts of life science, earth science, and physical science for middle school students and biology, chemistry, environmental science, and possibly physics for high schoolers.

Once I determine that there is a market for what I am proposing, I plan to contact local businesses, parks, wildlife protection agencies, etc., so the students will have a variety of experiences.

Some of the things I am incorporating into the general curriculum is performing water quality sampling, habitat restoration projects, topographical mapping, plant and animal species identification, gardening, bridge design, rocketry, rock and minerals, etc.

I would meet with students 3-days a week and would group students based on grade levels. One day a week would be devoted to helping them with their written curriculum. The other two-days would be “lab” days and they would be in the field in the local area. All field study would also be aligned with what they were currently working on.

So, I guess the reason I’m really writing is to find out what homeschooling parents think. Would I find a market in Henry or Clayton Counties?

I appreciate any and all advice!


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