A Disaster in the Making!

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Obama’s Nationalized Mandatory Healthcare

A Disaster in the Making!

Family Protection Ministries,

Critical Action Alert

Why Is This Issue Of Concern To Homeschoolers?

The legislative proposals on healthcare before Congress seek to shift important decisions from parents and families and private physicians to an unelected government bureaucrat. People with their own agenda who do not know you will make life and death decisions for you and your family. This will open the doors for further freedom-robbing socialism to come into our homes to make decisions in every area of life.

Picture yours and other homeschooling families put on hold because mom or a child is completely incapacitated and in a "waiting line" of indeterminate length, pending medical, dental, or optical treatment, which currently would be available and completed in a matter of days or hours.

Terrible features in their "ideal" mandatory medical care system, sooner or later, will include horrific practices such as: (1) mandatory counseling, (2) psychological and psychiatric exams for everyone, and (3) population reduction (forms of medical genocide including abhorrent taxpayer-funded abortions, infanticide and killing off of the disabled and elderly). This sounds radical but read the documents listed on our website given below, which reveal some of what is in store.

The Bottom Line

Those who are behind the push to implement universal mandatory government healthcare at the national level have already outlined what their ultimate goal is for this legislation. The details hidden in the current House bill (HR 3200) reveal much of the proponent’s true agenda. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the President tried to ram this through while deceiving people as to the contents of HR 3200.

However, conservative commentators, like Dick Morris are concerned that if a compromise bill is approved, opponents will let their guard down, erroneously thinking we got a victory. There are no reports that they are considering removing all the other dangerous features.

It is highly likely that when Senate and House appointed conferees meet (behind closed doors, away from public scrutiny) to reconcile the differences in the House and Senate versions of the bill, proponents will get as much as they can at this time back into the bill with "blank-check" and disguised wording.

Part two of their strategy will be to incrementally add back in features, which they were not initially able to obtain, through subsequent legislation. This will be more easily done after the structure and framework is already in place.

Background Information

We at Family Protection Ministries have selected some of the best papers and articles where you can get a more detailed understanding about this push toward federally controlled health care and the dangers involved; on our website.

Citizen’s Council on Health Care who has issued the following alert, is one of several national organizations that operates full-time in the health care policy arena. Key conservative organizations throughout America rely on their thorough analyses and position papers to give detailed, conservative perspectives.

"President Obama supports the idea of a "public option" for health insurance. The language of competition and choice cleverly conceals the objective. But the President’s "public option" is a gateway leading to 118 million Americans losing the option of private choice. It is a strategy for government-run health care. It is a Trojan horse." – Former U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Michael O. Leavitt (Fox News, April 29th, 2009)

Roy Hanson
Family Protection Ministries, California

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