Homeschool Questions!

Posted by Annie on Aug 2, 2009 in Education |

Homeschooled students get asked all sorts of questions that a traditionally schooled child would never be asked.

Annoying Homeschool Questions

See if any of these sound familiar to you. Maybe you know a few more questions that annoy you? Fortunately these homeschoolers are pretty good natured about it and keep things in persepctive.

Homeschool Myth-Busters!

Another homeschool student answers the dreaded question, “What about socialization?”

Myths About Homeschoolers

More homeschooling myths are dispelled.

Are public school children really hung up about homeschoolers doing their work in their pajamas and being able to eat whenever they want? Makes me wonder if traditionally schooled children get enough to eat.

Feel free to share these with your non-homeschooled friends, when they ask you, “Can you go to school in your pajamas.” Or, better yet, make your own homeschool video and tell them yourself.

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