Help for Parents!

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During this back-to-school season many homeschooling parents will seek advice on how best to facilitate their child’s education. We talk to our homeschooling friends and discuss our current educational struggles, seeking answers to a multitude of questions.

Help for Parents!

As a veteran homeschool mom, I can totally relate. In talking to other homeschoolers about the issues I’ve faced over the years, I’ve learned to seek out good advice and then filter it as it relates to my own child and his situation. What works for one child, will not work globally for all children.

As we know, children do not come with a manual that says, “Just add water and stir,” or “add generous portions of math and science with a dash of spelling and a liberal amount of love.” Wouldn’t life be better? Well, not really.

As homeschooling parents, we have an advantage over our public-schooling counterparts. Since most homeschooling parents spend a great deal of time interacting with our children, we really get to know them well. We can tell when they are tired, when they have had enough math, when they need a break or just need to chill out and play.

You are the Expert

Homeschooling parents are their child’s expert. Now, if we can only learn to trust ourselves. Don’t stop seeking advice from other experienced homeschoolers but learn to filter it, take the helpful information and let go of the rest. Our children will thank us later.

As an expert on my own child, I try to keep his needs in mind as I evaluate curriculum, interactive websites, activities and projects.

When I have a problem I can’t solve I turn to the Expert’s Expert, for help. Veteran homeschool mom, and author Diane Flynn Keith is an amazing woman. She is the editor of Homefires the Journal of Homeschooling and really understands the developmental stages of children and has offered real insight into how I can best meet my son’s educational, developmental and physical needs.

As the mother of two very different successful young men, she has the ability to guide parents down the path to understanding the needs of our own children. Diane has been instrumental in opening my eyes to the endless possibilities that homeschooling lends itself to.

Diane is available to work with parents – the real experts on their child – to help them make the most out of the homeschooling years and avoid the stress that most parents experience along the road. She’s what I like to call the Expert’s Expert.

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