Non-Weight Loss

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I hate to admit it but my son is a little overweight, well, maybe more than a little — I worry about his health. He’s 13 and weighs in at a hefty 164.5 pounds.

Non-Weight Loss

Both his biological parents are short (under 5’2″) and husky. We’ve tried everything to help him lose the weight and nothing seems to help. When I say we’ve tried everything, we really have. We signed him up for daily Karate classes at $300 a month. We had him playing tennis three times a week and working out with his own private baseball coach.

We bought the , the , etc… most recently we picked up the and to my utter amazement he doesn’t want to stay off from it. He is required to work out on his Wii Fit for one-hour each day. He spent two hours on it yesterday and almost three hours so far today.

And if that wasn’t enough good news, we met a personal trainer today, who is going to instruct him. I don’t have all the details yet but I can tell you that I’m very excited. Everything is simply going wonderful.

A couple months ago I sent out a request for a computer/telephone buddy and he had a good number of responses and really hit it off with another boy his same age. They talk on the phone daily and play games on the Wii Internet together.

Since his birthday was last month, I told him we weren’t getting him any new Wii games before Christmas, but I’m so glad I didn’t wait on this one. With the holidays fast approaching, we all tend to put on a few pounds, I’m hoping this will encourage him to lose a few before Christmas and Thanksgiving.

I believe my son is on the road to total bliss or at least that’s what I tell myself. How are things going with your children?

Oh and BTW — Have you ordered your Turducken yet? I just ordered ours and one for the kids. I can hardly wait.

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