Fireflies, Crafts and Grandma

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A little old fashioned creativity for a modern world.

I stumbled upon a unique website today, called The Homemaking Cottage, while search for something new to add to Annette’s Favorite Links. I’m browsing the site and posted a really neat link to a page called, Lingerie for Your Vegetables.

I found yet another short article on bugs, Bug Hunting Delights for Kids. I simply had to laugh when I read:

“When I was a child, I once filled a shoe box with lots of caterpillars, sticks and the food that they eat. I set it on my front porch that night. The next morning I came to find that one of them had babies and there were tons of little baby caterpillars crawling in the box.”

It brought back vivid memories of a not so sweet event from my own childhood that I hadn’t thought of in years.

My grandmother was old fashioned; she liked to do for herself. So, in keeping with her nature, she had a small garden, raised a few chickens and a hog to butcher in the fall. She made everything from scratch and used the privy out back. She also used an old wringer style washing machine that was kept outside on the back steps.

I was around age 8, when we went to stay with grandma on an extended visit. I was totally amazed with all the fireflies. I don’t recall having ever discovered them prior to this time period in my life and they were everywhere.

My sisters and I would catch them and put them in jars. We weren’t very nice to the little fireflies, I’m ashamed to admit. We tried to steal their lights and one night just past dark we decided to fill grandma’s wringer washer with them. To say she wasn’t happy about that decision was an understatement.

I know she made us clean the washing machine out, all the while lecturing us. Afterwards, she threatened to skin us alive, if we ever did it again. That was her way of saying we were very lucky this time. I have so many fond memories Grandma Patrick. Grandma passed away in 1984, she is sorely missed.

I still miss those poor little fireflies.

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