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Build a Teepee

Did you know that Ohio is “The Buckeye” state? I spent many years living in the Toledo area and in the Mansfield area as well, and of course my late husband and I homeschooled three children there for many years. So, of course I am fully aware that Ohio is the Buckeye state, in fact we love to make and eat Buckeyes each year at Christmas time.

So, it was no surprise when I received an email regarding the “Buckeye Gathering” I had to check it out. I am so glad I did, I only wish I were able to attend. This promises to be an exciting week of, learning experiences for families who participate in the event.

My children grew up on a farm. We wanted to teach them a more natural way of life. We raised and prepared  our own chickens, grew our own vegetables and learned many new skills during our farming adventure, like how to tan hides, what parts of the chicken are edible and how to prepare a fresh chicken, as well as many other things.

Unfortunately, most children today believe that chicken as well as most meat and vegetables  comes from the store.  

We wanted  to ensure our children were taught the skills they would need to take care of themselves, no matter what circumstance they found themselves in. As a family we learned about  food preservation, flora and fauna identification and much more. It was a lot of work but the rewards for outweighed our efforts. Fortunately, you don’t have to live on a farm to teach these same skills to your own children…

The first annual northern California,
Buckeye Gathering  
May 2 – 8, 2010
YaKaAma, Forestville, California

Participants will learn Traditional Arts and Primitive Living Skills. Choose from a wide range of workshops held daily, share food, and enjoy the fire together at night.   Today, what we call ‘Ancestral Arts’, ‘Primitive Technology’, ‘Wilderness Survival’ or ‘Earth Living Skills’,  at one time it was simply, called life.    This is your chance to learn from teachers who keep these  ways  alive.

Buckeye  Gathering is being held  at YaKaAma Indian Education and Development, a local non-profit.    This is a family-oriented event that will emphasize skills and materials indigenous to California, while welcoming skills, students and instructors from all over the map.    

 You might find craft and skill oriented workshops such as:

Learn to weave

– build a friction fire,
– use plant fiber cordage,
– make tools from stone, bone & wood
– learn to work with buckskin,
– try your hand at basket weaving,
– learn nature awareness and tracking
– try your hand at pottery,
– identify local flora & fauna
– wild foods preparation
– make your own musical instruments
– learn to make primitive weaponry
– work with fiber and textile arts
– explore herbal medicine
– participate in shelter building
– play a few games
– try your hand at storytelling
– learn basic blacksmithing
– learn about flintknapping
– cook with earthen ovens
– explore the uses of natural pigments
– design and create your own sandals & moccasins
– learn trapping skills
– take a yoga class
– learn the art of felting

This year instructors are threatening to teach:   wild seed food bars, parfleche making, and even Mayan backstrap loom weaving.   We may have an on-going acorn processing camp and classes in building shelters that will stay on-site.  

Breakfast and dinner are provided,  so that  participants may share meals and have more time to focus on learning and teaching.     There will be simple fare every meal, with meat offered most meals;  the cook is focused on local and organic cooking.   Lunches are up to you!   Bring your own bowl and/or plate, drinking vessel, and utensils.

You can learn more about this event at  Buckeye Gathering. If you do attend the event, please post here and tell us about your experience. I would love to read all about it.

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