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Posted by Annie on May 18, 2010 in Activity, Young Authors |

Have you heard the latest news?  HomeschoolBlogger has rolled out their new blogging engine.  The crew  has literally been  working around the clock to iron out the bugs and put  their new face on.  

The Homeschool Blogger


The publishers at Homeschool Blogger have pulled out  all the stops to make this transition as smooth as possible. Shawn was able to migrate massive amounts of data into the new blogging system, so that users were able to maintain their content.  

The first few hours after the switch was flipped were critical, everyone held their breath, hoping and praying for a smooth transition. This was a major deal. The publishers spent well  over a year in planning for this transition.  

According to official sources, the migration involved migrating over 4 billion pieces of data between networks, servers, platforms and engines.  In  all the  uproar over  the changes — we all hate change   — many users were asking, “why.”    

I don’t hang out much on HomeschoolBlogger but I’m considering starting a blog there, if I can just squeeze one more thing into my busy schedule. If you spend a lot of time  blogging there, some of this you may already know.  

Over the years HomschoolBlogger had grown into the largest online homeschool community in the world — their server would choke at times due to the sheer amount of traffic load on the server. It had to be replaced, period.  

That still left the  issues with the blogging engine itself, it had major bugs that Shawn was able to fix in the source code but he understands all too well how import security updates are, and this engine had not been updated in over two years. They had an entire team dedicated to deleting blog spam, and keeping inappropriate content off the site.  

Security was an important factor, let’s face it, MySpace is neat and has a lot of neat features but no one likes to deal with  getting infected with  a virus on their computer and that’s exactly what happens on MySpace.    The new engine — WordPress, publishes security updates often and Shawn is diligent about apply software updates; both to our business machines and also to our servers as well.  

These are just a few of the things HomeschoolBlogger considered, when making their decision to do a complete overhaul of their site. I am very excited about the changes and I know you will be, too.  

If you decide to give it a test run, please keep in mind that designers are still putting together the layout and rolling out new  features on the site.  A team of technicians are still approving new themes — each one is being tested before approval. They are busy  tweaking settings and offering user support.  So, give it a week or so, if you aren’t immediately  happy with what you see. Dozens of people are hard at work on this project.  

I can hardly wait to see and use the finished project.

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