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Many of you may know Kay Brooks, she is the editor of TnHomeEd, Tennessee’s comprehensive homeschool information site. She contacted me today with an update of her situation  during the flooding.

She writes…

Kay Brooks


Just a note to let you know that we’ve had some flooding in Nashville and our phone lines are down. I haven’t been able to check my  email for several days.  Water is still rising and it may be a couple more days before we have phone service.

We’re fine…just no phone line. A lot of Nashville isn’t… historic flooding for Nashville.  WKRN is a great place to view what’s going on if you have an interest.

Just pray for mercy and calm. So far folks are behaving themselves and pitching in where they can.

Kay Brooks

Please keep Kay and her family in your prayers as they endure the storms and its aftermath. The days ahead will be trying at best and they could get very scary for some folks. I’ll post more updates as Kay is able to get word out.

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  • annie says:

    I haven’t heard anything back from Kay yet. I used to live in Ohio, many years ago. Our property had a creek flowing alongside of it. I remember just how scary it was to watch the water quickly rise and overflow it’s banks. We felt so helpless, there was nothing we could do but sit and wait it out.

    I appreciate the updates.

  • annie says:

    Cindy posted an update on the HSWM list…

    There is so much history that is being washed away. Most of these places NEVER expected to worry about flooding, but some areas got 10-12 feet of water – maybe more.

    I have not left my home since it started so I haven’t seen the damage first hand, but that’s all I can see on TV. I do have a couple of client meetings this afternoon in Nashville, so I’m anxious to see how hard it’s going to be to get to where I need to be. Many of my clients are still without power and they are very concerned about the water in the area.

    One of the water filtration plants is under water. They are sandbagging to keep the other from being contaminated. They are asking people to conserve water and only use it for drinking and bathing. Luckily, my county was not as hard hit and we had no real damage or flooding except in very low-lying areas that are more prone to flooding anyway.

    There are a lot of small creeks and rivers between my house and Nashville – just west of Nashville. When all of these creeks and rivers began to overflow, it seems most of the water ended up on the west side of nashville. Although, they do have quite a bit of flooding in other areas of Nashville as well. If you are familiar with this area, Bellevue, Kingston Springs, Pegram and Ashland City seem to have been hit the hardest. Franklin (just south of Nashville and these other areas) got the most rain I think, but didn’t seem to have flooding as severely as these other areas.

    My family and I spent parts of the weekend in the basement due to tornado’s that came through. There was no tornado damage, except for just North of Nashville in the Rivergate area I believe – and that damage was minor.

    I think I heard on the news last night that the Cumberland River crested late yesterday afternoon at the 51 feet mark which was 12 feet above flood level (I think) and about a foot above the marker that tells them how high the water is at Riverfront park. At 49-50 feet, the water started spilling down into historic Nashville on 1st and 2nd avenue. Parts of the Bridgestone arena (used to be Sommet Center and before that the Gaylord Entertainment center) had water in it’s lower levels too I believe.

    I’ve watched them rescue horses with water up to the horses eyes – I’m not sure if they were standing or swimming. They rescued many, many dogs that were near exhaustion. And now that the water is slowly receding, unfortunately, they are finding a few bodies of people that didn’t make it out in time. I had to quit watching.

    I’ve lived here in this area most of my 48 years and I’ve never seen anything that even comes close to this. It is totally unbelievable how quickly this happened. It didn’t start raining in Nashville until sometime Saturday morning and by afternoon, the water was so high on I-24 just SouthEast of Nashville that complete cars and SUV’s were covered. You could just see the top-half of the semis and tankers. Buildings were floating alongside the cars and pushing them around like toys.

    Very, very sad. I’ve just been in awe and disbelief.

  • Pat says:

    Just know we are praying for all those in Nasville. We have family there but they are all ok. Let us know if we can do anything. God Bless you all, Pat

  • Cindy says:

    It’s worse than I’ve ever seen. Complete houses under water or knocked off
    their foundations. Buildings floating down the interstate, cars completely
    covered. Tankers overturned and spilling. Some parts of Nashville look
    like one big lake from the aerial views. Electric power stations under
    water causing much of the power outages in the area. Some of the historic
    buildings downtown have been flooded. Opryland hotel evacuated 1500 people
    last night – those people had to stay in a local high school – BIG change of
    scenery for them since Opryland hotel is one of the fanciest hotels around.

    I live about 30 miles west of Nashville. I can’t get to Nashville at all
    because all roads heading east are closed just a couple of miles from my
    house. Many of those roads have water up to the stop lights. I live on a
    hill and my town was not hit nearly as bad as just east of here, so we have
    been blessed. The rivers were expected to crest sometime this afternoon.
    Some of us got 16+ inches of rain in a two day period. At least 6 people

    It’s been a scary couple of days.

  • Keeping the Nashville area in my prayers. Glad that while Kay is out of touch (mostly) she is safe!
    God bless
    Heather Laurie

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