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Tent Camping

I can’t tell you how long it has been since our family has been camping and it saddens me. Yes, it is a lot of work but it brought the family together in a way few other experiences can.

We worked together on our extensive camping gear lists, buying trips and on packing detail as well. Once we arrived at camp the real work began of attempting to properly install a tent on level ground (removing all sharp items — darn we forgot the rake) in the wilderness. It was a real challenge since most of the equipment has been stored for years.

Our last couple of “camping trips,” involved making reservations to stay in a cottage room at Yosemite; camping at it’s finest. Trust me, it’s not the same. We weren’t allowed to build a campfire, or cook on a bbq and can you really call it camping if you can wake up to a nice hot shower in the morning (without braving the brutally cold morning air)?

I receive regular emails from the Yosemite Association and frankly, I don’t always read them, but today, I’m glad I did. The Yosemite Association is hosting a Family Camping Jamboree on the weekend of July 17-20, 2010 and it sounds like a lot of fun. The price isn’t cheap but hey, they provide the food and cook all the meals. What could be better?

Here is there spiel:

The perfect family vacation celebrates nature, wild animals, your family, summer, and not having to cook!

Identify wildflowers, learn about the night sky, examine the park’s geological features, or just relax in camp with your family.

You’ll stay at the Tuolumne Meadows campground in comfortable, reserved campsites where you can join in on a few optional day hikes, look for deer and shy black bears, sniff the wildflowers, or just relax back in camp.

It’s a great weekend to spend some time with your family, compare notes with other moms and dads, and let the adults relax while the kids make new friends.

Optional activities will include meadow walks, and hikes up Lembert Dome and to Elizabeth Lake.
The price for adult YA members is $247.

No, it’s not cheap, but for parents who are interested in spending time with the family, exploring all that nature has to offer, complete with tour guide, this is a very nice offer.

I am not an affiliate with, nor have I received compensation for sharing this promotion. I’m just a homeschool mom, sharing with friends.

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