America: The Story of Us

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Our complimentary copy of the History Channel‘s  America: The  Story of Us finally arrived last week sometime. I’ve watched through to Chapter 7 so far. I plan to have my son begin watching it tomorrow. On his way to bed, he stopped in to say good night, and the show must have looked interesting to him, because he sat down and watched about half an hour with me tonight.

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America The Story of Us

I’ll be giving a more detailed review after I have finished watching it entirely, then I’ll watch it again. I often catch things the second time around that go unnoticed my first viewing. The computer graphics and simulations are tolerable — not over done as is the case with much that comes out of hollywood these days.

You know what they say, too much of a good thing and all.

I was not pleased with the programs  introduction, but that is due more to my own political leanings, which you will be relived to know I will not be discussing here, (I have another site for that) unlike the makers of this program, who couldn’t help but let their political views shine through. Though they did attempt to tone down the rhetoric.

I am still shaking my head at how they managed to work in a claim that 300 million years B.C.,  a meteorite hit the  Appalachian Mountains, which resulted in creating  the Cumberland Gap. They don’t even both to say  that it is speculation, the just present it as an undisputable fact.  

We will use this program as a launching point, to discuss the politics of the day and research the facts of different time periods.

I could personally  do without the commentary from the talking heads of Hollywood. After all, who really cares what they think? Writers put words in their mouths all day long — what could they possibly have to do with The Story of Us? Yes, they are Americans but for that matter, so are we. Did they ask you to appear on the show? My invitation must have been lost in the mail.

Has anyone else watched the program? We plan to watch the entire thing this week and next. I would love to hear your opinions of the program. Did you notice any major factual flaws? I’m curious to see how many I will find.

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