Unschooling Blues…

Posted by Annie on Dec 15, 2010 in Conference, Education, Parenting |

Do you ever feel like you are just spinning your wheels, not really going anywhere? There are days where I feel just like a hamster must feel, running on his wheel — though I run my heart out — the scenery never changes.  I think we all feel that way from time to time.

Recently, my 14-year old son had started grumbling each time I asked for his help. He would frown, stomp off to his room and pout, which simply delighted me. Not!   No, not by a long-shot, that was my signal to name off a list of minor infractions I had been stewing about since morning. It was not a pretty picture — nor was it the way I had envisioned spending our homeschooling days.

This was just one of the many reason I was so disappointed that I wasn’t able to attend Diane Flynn Keith’s Unschool Your Teen Seminar. I was simply crushed because I had been looking forward to attending for months. What I really needed was to catch some of Diane’s creative enthusiasm for life and learning. She is one of those people you just want to ask to come live with you. Her enthusiasm and joy are overflowing — not to mention contagious.

I was overjoyed to learn she was having the entire event professionally recorded. Mine finally arrived a couple days ago, I quickly downloaded the files (I think it took 5 or 10 minutes total) to my computer and added them to my iPhone. So far I’ve listened to the first two sessions and I’ve already noticed a drastic improvement in not only my own attitude but my sons — and he hasn’t even listened to the MP3’s yet. How is that for contagious?

I realized, after Diane spoke,  that my son has a whole lot to say and that I haven’t been really listening to him. Diane gives a lot of terrific relationship and parenting advice that she really doesn’t address in her promotional materials. Yes, she provides useful and timely unschooling (homeschooling) advice but she really gets right to the core of our issues.

These recordings are exactly what I needed to get our family back on track and enjoying our time together. I simply can’t wait to listen to the rest of the sessions. The Unschool Your Teen Audio Series  will change your perspective,  on not only  your own homeschooling journey but the way you relate to your children and possibly even with your mate.

Diane is the real deal. She was a pioneer homeschooling educator — back in the days when you didn’t allow your children out of the house during school hours and no one had ever heard of  homeschooling. Her boys are both successful musicians with stories of their own to tell, if you could ever pin them down long enough to ask them about it. The experiences they had simply amaze me.

Yes, my son would still rather play Sonic games, than work math problems, but Diane made me realize he has his entire life to do math and he will learn it when he’s ready. Blake Boles, has some amazing stories to tell about hundred of kids who have attended college, many of them without even attending high school at all.

Don’t let the unschooling blues get you down. Check out Diane Flynn Keith’s  Unschool Your Teen Audio Series. You just might find out you really do enjoy spending time with your teenage son or daughter. I know I’m learning to really like my son, more and more each passing day.

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