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Does your homeschool family love books? Do you especially love kids’ books that explore characters learning and growing through experiences outside the traditional classroom setting? Do you feel like your family offers a unique perspective on books because you are homeschoolers?

Let your voice be heard!National Homeschool Book Award

Join other homeschoolers across the country taking part in the first annual National Homeschool Book Award! This new book award is a readers’ choice award created by a group of homeschool moms to recognize and celebrate current juvenile fiction that resonates with kids learning at home. Let’s make our collective voice of 2 million (and counting!) homeschoolers heard in the U.S. and encourage authors to continue to write great books that speak to us!

It is free and easy to get involved – just read the four books nominated in March and place your vote for your favorite in October. In between, there will be opportunities to learn more about the books and their authors through kid-friendly blog posts that feature information on topics in the books and ideas for activities you can do together to enrich your reading, including tips on how to start a National Homeschool Book Award book club in your own community.

This year’s nominees are: Alabama Moon, by Watt Key; Every Soul a Star, by Wendy Mass; Savvy, by Ingrid Law; and The Remarkable & Very True Story of Lucy & Snowcap, by H.M. Bouwman.

Intrigued? If so, please take a moment and stop by our website for more information! There you can read more about the award and the four books nominated for 2011, and sign up for email alerts during the year about new blog posts and when to vote.

Read all 4-books by October

Alabama MoonWatt Key

Moon, 10, has spent most of his life in a camouflaged shelter in the forest with his father, a Vietnam veteran who distrusts people and the government. Pap has educated him in both academics and survival skills. His life suddenly changes when the land is sold to a lawyer and his father dies. The lawyer discovers him and, believing what he is doing is best for the child, turns him over to Mr. Gene from the local boys home.

Every Soul a Star – Wendy Mass

The lives of three young people intersect and transform against the backdrop of a total solar eclipse. Homeschooled Ally has grown up at the remote Moon Shadow Campground, which her family runs. An eclipse, which can be viewed only from this site, is approaching, and ahead of it come Bree, an aspiring model obsessed with popularity, and Jack, a reclusive artist and avid sci-fi reader. Ally’s sheltered world is about to open up as she discovers that her parents plan to cede management of the campground to Bree’s parents after the event.

The Remarkable & Very True Story of Lucy & Snowcap – H.M. Bouwman

On the island of Tatenland, in 1787, all of the men have mysteriously been turned to stone, and male babies are taken to the statue garden when they are born to meet their fate. When Lucy’s brother is born, she is determined to save him, and after meeting with a local wise woman, she sets out for another island where he will be kept safe. Along the way she meets Snowcap, the orphaned daughter of the governor, who is herself on the run from the regent and steward who are intent on killing her.

Savvy – Ingrid Law

For generations, the Beaumont family has harbored a magical secret. They each possess a “savvy” -a special supernatural power that strikes when they turn thirteen. Grandpa Bomba moves mountains, her older brothers create hurricanes and spark electricity . . . and now it’s the eve of Mibs’s big day.

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