Helen Hegener…Is She Ruining Homeschooling?

Posted by Annie on Sep 2, 2011 in Education |

Just exactly what does Mimi know about homeschooling?

Absolutely nothing! She operates an online school and gets paid from public education dollars.

Mimi writes…

Is Unschooling  as Described by Helen Hegener Child Neglect?

Many people have wondered if unschooling  is a form of parental abdication of responsibilities. Could it even be child neglect? Many unschoolers  believe their children will learn “everything they need to know” from real life, without curriculum, textbooks, guidance and rules. This is a recipe for disaster in many Christian homeschoolers minds because they know that their children inherited a sinful nature and therefore need training and instruction and discipline in order to grow.

She likes to bash Unschoolers but Mimi hasn’t even bothered to check out the facts on the topic. So, why would she bash Helen for writing material, she claims hasn’t been researched — then she turns around and does the same thing.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Maybe Mimi is trying to ruin homeschooling by suing Helen, so that she can put more of our tax dollars in her own bank account.

IF Mimi is a Christian — I’m certain God isn’t finished with her yet.

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  • Dan Overmitten says:

    Wow, Mimi so for 10 years you unschooled and did not follow the Christian belief that “children inherit a sinful nature and therefore need training and instruction and discipline in order to grow”? Or were you unschooling under some other definition of unschooling?

    As for harming others, you sure were busy in June of this year with Terrorist Threats and Harassment. The Commonwealth of PA has charged you, “Mimi Mandel”.


    Is this a fabrication of you by the State of PA?

  • Annie says:

    Thank you for your comments Helen. We don’t always see eye to eye either but I respect the work you have done for all these years and your support of the homeschool community. I know it’s not all about the money for you — for us either. It’s been a long hard fight and we’ve come ever so far. I am confident your good name will be vindicated in the coming months.

    Thank you again for taking the time to share your comments. You are welcome anytime.

    Best Regards,

  • Annie says:

    You are correct I am no fan of Learning By Grace. I am posting your comments because I think you should be allowed to voice your opinion — even if I disagree with you. I understand it is more than you allow on your website, since I have been informed of several comments that were removed from your own website.

    You can go now, and leave us in peace.

    Thank you.

  • Hello Annie,

    Your news site was pointed out to me this morning and I’ve been meaning to write and express my appreciation for your good post and analysis of the increasingly troublesome situation between a particularly antagonistic cyberschool owner and myself. I thought your commentary was right on target.

    I also appreciated Heidi Ahrens’ comment that we need to take care of each other and present a unified voice. She’s absolutely right about that, and that is the approach we’ve taken with Home Education Magazine for almost 30 years, as many of our friends and readers can attest. Unfortunately, when one runs into someone whose only interest is their own financial gains, and whose vituperative ramblings know no limits or restraints, there can be no unity.

    Thank you for providing this forum for news and exchange, and I look forward to keeping up with the homeschooling community through your site.

    Kind regards,

  • I seem to have misplaced the original post, so I will write another. I understand that you have a lot of contempt for me. I am going to ask you to please throw out everything you have learned about me from the Helen, the homeschool webmasers yahoo group, and Helen’s associates. If I believed them, I would hate me too as they have done an excellent job of villifying me into a monster. That person has been fabricated. It is not me.

    I did not mean to bash unschoolers. I merely quoted what someone else said. I was an unschooler for about 10 years! I co-founded the Mass. Home Learning Association in John Holt’s office around 1987. Unschooling was not particularly successful for me, but that does not mean I would say it doesn’t work for everyone.

    Learning By Grace does not operate public online schools. We do not get paid with public education money for any of our online Academies.

    Learning By Grace has an A- Better Business Bureau rating.

    In the lawsuit against Helen and Heather, we are only seeking for them to stop harming us and refrain from doing so in the future.

    They have not found one single scam victim or person who feels they were defrauded.

    5 of the 9 complaints posted on RIP OFF REPORT and COMPLAINTS Board were filed within 3 weeks of each right after we served Helen with the lawsuit.

    I appreciate your loyalty to Helen. I also benefitted from her work earlier when I was unschooling and an outspoken advocate of it (before the internet).

    I have offered to drop the lawsuit if she stps defaming me.

    If there is anything else I can answer for you , to set the record straight, please feel free to ask. Thank you for publishing my perspective.

    Mimi Rothschild
    Learning By Grace

  • Annie says:

    No Mimi, I did not receive your long response.

  • Annie, did you not recieve my long response or have you decided to not publish it? If you did not recieve it, I will gladly send it again.

  • Heidi Ahrens says:

    Wow, the world of homeschooling, we need to take care of each other and represent a unified voice so that we get more support, strong backing and better laws passed for our educational choices in this country.

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