The Losing Battle

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Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? What about Christmas? Wasn’t the food simply fabulous? I’m still drooling over the filet mignon we had for Christmas. Grandma sure can cook.

We had fun, too. My son spent untold hours playing video games on  his new  PS3, and I lost count of all the new games he got for Christmas. Gotta love gift cards. I mean, what else do you buy for a teen?

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I told my son that after the new year things were going to be different. We were going to get down to business and crack the books. Then he got on the scale and…hold phone. Houston, we have a problem! Really, the problem wasn’t all that bad. My son had only gained 10 pounds, but it all adds up.

So, after taking almost all of November and all of December off we’ve decided to do “Boot Camp”. Our son is going to do everything my husband did when he was in boot camp (well…what he can remember of it).

This is how it works:

Our son has to be up by 6 am, spend an hour exercising, then shower and all that entails. He’ll eat breakfast, exercise some more, do his chores. You get the idea.

In exchange we agree to pay him. $1 for 7-days, $5 for days 8-14, $10 for days 15-21 and $20 for 22-30. The reason for the graduated pay scale? He has started many  times and always peters out after about the second week. We wanted him to have a real incentive…and there is that Nintendo 3DS that he’s been dying to get.

He’s okay with an IOU until we have the cash. I have a good feeling about this.

We sat down as a family, we discussed it,  and he seems really excited. Today was our first day and while the day didn’t exactly go as planned, it was a good day. His attitude was good, he was cheerful and upbeat. We were able to talk about food a little, and the importance of water.

We are off to a good start. I’ll keep you posted.

This email posted with the permission of my son.

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