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English: Homemade White Bread with Strawberry Jam.

Homemade White Bread with Strawberry Jam.

I just love that people are finally appreciative of homemade items.  There was a time when it was considered old fashioned, and thrifty but certainly not preferred.

I made some strawberry jam recently. It was a project well suited to my needs. It didn’t require a lot of my time but it was a slow process that I could do at my leisure and that was important. The recipe I used required the heating and cooling of the jam over a three day period and requires no added pectin, which is important to me because our family is avoiding GMO’s.

Old Fashioned Strawberry Jam  –  This old fashioned strawberry jam recipe was amazing. It was so easy to make, and had a perfect texture. Plus it doesn’t use Pectin!! Did you know you don’t need to use pectin in homemade jam making? Neither did I until now. Pectin isn’t necessarily bad for you but I would way rather make it the old fashioned way and let the natural pectin in the fruit do the work. Plus I prefer a softer jam to a more gelatinous one.

How to Make Low Sugar No Pectin Strawberry Jam Recipe  –  I don’t know about you, but homemade jam that contains more sugar or as much sugar as it does fruit, just doesn’t sit right with me. I want my homemade strawberry jam to taste like strawberries, not a bucketful of sugar. Not only is this low sugar strawberry jam recipe healthier, it’s also much more frugal without pectin from the store and loads of sugar.

Three Day Strawberry Jam  –  The method simply involves simmering the strawberries in an equal weight of sugar to release the juice and then leaving it on the stovetop. Then on the second and third day doing the same but on the third day you pour it into jars.

These recipes are all great tasting and can be used over pancakes, with peanut butter for sandwiches, on English Muffins, it’s great on top of ice cream, in smoothies…

If I could buy decent food I would, but it’s much safer these days to can or freeze your own food. I am literally canning and freezing something all the time.  I make my own mayo, and my own bread, jams, minced garlic, and salsa, there is always something to going on.

The kids will find so much to do and if you keep the periods short and pleasant the memories will stick, and you will have taught a new generation how to care for itself and their loved ones.  I am so thank that my grandmother took the time to teach me.

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