How To Write Your Holiday Thank-You’s

Posted by Annie on Jan 14, 2010 in Activity, Education

With the holidays over, it’s time to start writing thank-you notes for all those wonderful gifts. As Geoffrey Parker states, “The thought behind the thank-you should be equal to or greater than the thought that went into the gift.” A thank-you note is a critical part of the gift giving season, so pick up your […]

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Non-Weight Loss

Posted by Annie on Nov 11, 2009 in Activity

I hate to admit it but my son is a little overweight, well, maybe more than a little — I worry about his health. He’s 13 and weighs in at a hefty 164.5 pounds. Both his biological parents are short (under 5’2″) and husky. We’ve tried everything to help him lose the weight and nothing […]

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Eleven and Driving

Posted by Annie on Oct 27, 2007 in Seasonal

A Scandia birthday celebration to remember. I can hardly believe that October is finally coming to a close. Tomorrow will wrap up what’s known in our family as "The Birthday Week," the only trouble is, this year it’s been more like "The Birthday Month." All three of my favorite guys celebrate their birthday this month. […]

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