Helen Hegener…Is She Ruining Homeschooling?

Posted by Annie on Sep 2, 2011 in Education

Just exactly what does Mimi know about homeschooling? Absolutely nothing! She operates an online school and gets paid from public education dollars. Mimi writes… Is Unschooling  as Described by Helen Hegener Child Neglect? Many people have wondered if unschooling  is a form of parental abdication of responsibilities. Could it even be child neglect? Many unschoolers […]

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Break The Cycle of Shrinking Family Time

Posted by Annie on Jul 28, 2011 in Activity, Parenting

Evangelical Pastor Offers Lessons Taught by His Dad San Antonio evangelical preacher Matthew Hagee’s new release Response Able: What my father taught me about life and making a difference (Charisma Media) offers the insights of a lifetime on parenting, self-reliance and affecting societal change. The key to any significant transformation, according to Hagee, is a […]

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